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Solidarity Conference planned

Solidarity is to hold an Autumn conference to assess the referendum result, and plan for future campaigns including next year's General Election.


The conference will be held in Glasgow on Saturday 25th October in Carnegie Hall, Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road.

The conference runs form 12-4pm with registration from 11am.


All members and supporters of Solidarity are welcome to attend. New members are welcome and you can join on the day.


A new on line method of joining Solidarity is now available. Please click Join at the top menu or Click here  to go to join.

Hope Over Fear Rally Success

Solidarity congratulates all the organisers, and in particularly Tommy Sheridan, for the enormous success of the Hope over Fear Rally on Sunday 12th October.

We believe the police estimate of 7,000 vastly underestimates the numbers who attended at least part of the rally over the course of the nearly 8 hours.

Despite early attempts by the BBC and others to pretend only a few hundred were there, and scare stories in the press about riots, the enormous numbers, the enthusiasm and the friendly family atmosphere and indeed joy of the event forced widespread positive coverage in media normally hostile to independence.

We need to keep the pressure on the "pledge parties" and warn them they face extinction if they try for business as usual.

More rallies in other cities please!

For an Independent Socialist Scotland

Solidarity will continue to campaign for an Independent Socialist Scotland and will campaign to:


  • End all cuts and austerity 
  • Bring the energy companies and the banks into democratic public ownership 
  • Tax the rich and big business so that they pay their share 
  • Ensure we had a publicly owned oil and gas sector so that the profitsmade were invested back into jobs and public services 
  • Increase the minimum wage to a living wage 
  • Scrap zero hour contracts and poverty pay 
  • Create jobs and proper apprenticeships for our young people 
  • End the anti-union laws and protect workers’ rights 
  • Scrap Trident

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