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Hope Over Fear Rally

Following the very successful Hope over Fear Tour which attracted tens of thousands to meetings across the country it has been decided to hold one further Rally to show that despite the NO vote, Hope for Independence and Socialism in Scotland lives on.


This rally will will be held in George Square, Glasgow on sunday 12th October from 12 noon. It is intened to be a celebration of the positivity that surrounded the YES campaign and the dozens of meetings that comprised the Hope over Fear Tour and will include music and speakers.


All YES supporters welcome to come along and party.

Solidarity Conference planned

Solidarity is to hold an Autumn conference to assess the referendum result, and plan for future campaigns including next year's General Election.


The conference will be held in Glasgow on Saturday 25th October (venue to be agreed).


All members and supporters of Solidarity are welcome to attend. Further details will be posted online when available. Please let your friends know.


Please note that if you wish involved in Solidarity membership forms are accessible at the top of this web page under the Join Solidarity tag or alternatively email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Further methods of joining or participating in Solidarity events will be made available over the next few days when this website undergoes a redesign.

For an Independent Socialist Scotland

Solidarity will continue to campaign for an Independent Socialist Scotland and will campaign to:


  • End all cuts and austerity 
  • Bring the energy companies and the banks into democratic public ownership 
  • Tax the rich and big business so that they pay their share 
  • Ensure we had a publicly owned oil and gas sector so that the profitsmade were invested back into jobs and public services 
  • Increase the minimum wage to a living wage 
  • Scrap zero hour contracts and poverty pay 
  • Create jobs and proper apprenticeships for our young people 
  • End the anti-union laws and protect workers’ rights 
  • Scrap Trident



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