Solidarity Rally for Independence

Saturday 10th November

St Mungo's Museum

Glasgow High St (near Cathedral)

2pm - 4pm


speakers including Tommy Sheridan will present the socialist case for independence


Solidarity Supports Fight Against Austerity

The march and rally against the cuts on Saturday 20th October attracted 5,000 marchers including many Solidarity members and supporters.

Solidarity fully supports calls for A General Strike against the Con Dems austerity programme which is damaging the economy, pushing millions into poverty and unemployment and destroying the aspirations and future for so many youing people.


A Fringe meeting after the main rally was addressed by Brian Smith (Glasgow Unison Sec), Cheryl Gedling (PCS NEC), Joyce Drummond (ATOS Campaigner), a Youth for Jobs Marcher and Tommy Sheridan and attracted over 60 people.


In a leaflet issued at the march Solidarity Convener, Tommy Sheridan said:


"Most ordinary folk and certainly millions ofpublic sector workers feel like puking everytime they hear a Tory wide boy and theirLib-Dem puppets suggest “we are all in ittogether” in relation to public spending cuts.That particular Con-Dem lie, sadly parroted by Miliband and New Labour, makesworkers, pensioners and young people acrossthe country sick.

It is not the 23 millionaires in the Con-Dem cabinet who are suffering from continued cuts in wages, living standards and essential services. It is the hundreds of thousands who daily serve the public in the public sector who face reduced living standards, increased stress and huge job insecurity who suffer.It is the pensioners who lose essential services and the young people who are abandoned on thedole scrapheap who suffer.

Austerity is not applied across the board. It is targeted against the millions who work hard to make ends meet in the interests of the millionaires who got us into the economic mess in the firstplace. Why punish the majority for the crimes ofthe minority? It is not fair and it is not acceptable.

The only course of action open to the Trade Unionmovement and devastated communities is to resist.

Today’s demonstration is welcome and positive butlet’s be honest it is not enough. To force this callous Government to stop attacking publicservices and our welfare state and start attacking the millionaire tax dodgers and the Multi-Nationalcorporations who think taxes on obscene profits arevoluntary we have to see widespread and organisedindustrial action which brings the country to a standstill.

We need one day generalised strikeactions followed by increased days until the out of touch Toffs who preside over the brutal cuts areeither turfed out of office or forced to attack thosebankers and millionaire bosses who got us into themess not the ordinary folk who don’t deserve tobe in the firing line.

Solidarity does not accept the dishonest premise that savage cuts to public spending and public services are necessary. It is a cruel lie. A convenient myth.

Investing in the staff trained to collect the taxes owed by the rich and big business would on it’s own provide enough income to run and expand public services across the country.

If the banks, energy supply and oil industries were also brought into public ownership and used for thepublic good not private profit then cuts would beconsigned to the dustbin of history.

 Solidarity is 100% behind those trade unions and their members who resist the savage cuts throughindustrial action. We strongly believe such action has to be generalised to include the wholemovement recognising the potential strength ofa united trade union movement. 

Solidarity also supports a YES vote for Scottish independence.

We believe it is a democratic right for the Scottish people to be allowed to decide their destiny and that an independent Scotland could flourish and usher in a new era of social justice andincome equality and prosperity if that independent country rejects the economic madness of the rigged free market.

Public ownership of Scotland’s major economic assets under democratic control could ensure a new young country that puts people before profit, needbefore greed and with nuclear disarmament at thecore of it’s social justice philosophy.

 Tommy Sheridan,

Solidarity Convener"



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