Solidarity Campaigns for a YES Vote

From now until the referendum on September 18th, Solidarity will be directing its entire resources to campaigning and arguing for a YES vote.

In different parts of Scotland we will campaign alongside and within other YES groups, Radical Independence Groups, unions etc to encourage registration and a massive turnout for a YES vote. We will be participating and speaking at countless local meetings arguing that only a YES vote can lead to a fairer more socially just and eventually Socialist Scotland.

We will of course continue to participate in demonstrations and campaigns such as support for Gaza and Against the Bedroom Tax whilst discussing with any undecided participants why a YES vote would benefit socialists across the world.

We also will help build and support Tommy Sheridan's Hope Over Fear tour which to date has visited over 80 venues attended by over 15,000 people. Details of the remaining meetings are listed below.

Tommy's Hope over Fear Tour
Dates for public meetings so far are:

AUGUST 28th; The Sky Bar, Rutherglen, 7pm

AUGUST 29th; Craigdarroch Hotel, Moniave, Dumfries, 7pm

AUGUST 30th; Mods For YES, Fir Park Stadium, Motherwell 7pm

AUGUST 31st; Sikeside, Coatbridge, 3pm; Bellshill Academy, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 1st; Inveralmond High School, Livingston, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 2nd; Bellfield Community Centre, Kilmarnock, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 3rd; Copthorne Hotel, Aberdeen, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 4th; Marryat Hall, Dundee, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 5th; Alloa Public House, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 7th; Celtic Social Club, London Rd 2pm; Kirkintilloch, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 8th; Shottstown Miners Social Club, Penicuik, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 9th; Paisley Grammar school, Paisley, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 10th; Annan Community Hall, Annan 7pm

SEPTEMBER 11th; Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 12th; The Squirrel Bar, The Barras, Gallowgate, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 14th; St Peters Church Hall, Easterhouse, 2pm

SEPTEMBER 14th; Glasgow University Freshers Debate, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 15th; The Glo Centre, Muir Street, Motherwell, 7pm

SEPTEMBER 16th; Glasgow, Venue TBC, 7pm


For an Independent Socialist Scotland

If we win a Yes vote in September, Solidarity will campaign to use the powers of independence to:


  • End all cuts and austerity 
  • Bring the energy companies and the banks into democratic public ownership 
  • Tax the rich and big business so that they pay their share 
  • Ensure we had a publicly owned oil and gas sector so that the profitsmade were invested back into jobs and public services 
  • Increase the minimum wage to a living wage 
  • Scrap zero hour contracts and poverty pay 
  • Create jobs and proper apprenticeships for our young people 
  • End the anti-union laws and protect workers’ rights 
  • Scrap Trident



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